The electric-powered bicycle camper

Explore, stay fit, sleep well

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You decide how much or how little to pedal. Headwinds? No problem. Hills? No problem.

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A cross between bike touring, bike packing, and RVing. Simple and intuitive riding thanks to tandem direct drive hub motors working together

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20% recycled materials, energy consumption, life-span and, repairability in mind

Camping, exploring, exercising …
with a confident riding experience

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TO 37 mph / 60 km/h

Gently or intensely. Choose
your power level and enjoy
the ride, the CYBERDROP can 
handle it



SBM Solar array provides
up to 1.4 kW of additional energy.
Charge anything - no battery drain!



Front suspension fork, and
rear torsion half axle suspension
for stability and smooth ride

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130 mi / 210 km

72V, 9.5 kW battery
rechargeable in 8h
on a standard 110/120v
household socket

Dual hub motors, regen braking,
+ third motor for built in redundancy / 33% more power

Dual motors for moderate hills
Triple motors for big climbs

Intuitively select your speed and level of electric assist via pedal assist mode, or dual throttles with digital aux "paddle shifting" for maximum control.

Built to last,

Fully welded aluminum frame


Eight foot bed length leaves
plenty of space for storage
at your feet. Width is 38 inches / 97 cm
at widest (twin mattress size)
and 29 inches / 74 cm between the wheels.


46 inch cabin height accommodates
people up to 6'7" tall. Comfortable
sit up to work, change, cook, read, and


Every cavity is insulated with 1" XPS
rigid foam board. Neoprene gaskets
cover framing to prevent condensation
and cold/hot spots.

Bike touring has never been this cozy!

All weather comfort

Everything you need, nothing you don't

CYBERDROP is designed to be weather tight and resilient. 1" XPS foam insulation seals out hot and cold temperatures. Neoprene foam gaskets cover all exposed interior aluminum framing, preventing condensation. The entire cabin is finished in a resilient hull liner fabric that will last a lifetime. 

No matter where you go, no matter how far, you will always have a comfortable home right behind you.

Warm up quickly, or cool down fast. Prepare a meal insect-free, work on your laptop, or just relax. The Cyberdrop takes away the anxiety of long distance touring.

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The best of both worlds

The concept of bicycle campers is nothing new, but the commercial viability of a bicycle camper with a fit and finish comparable to current RV manufacturers is questionable. But times are changing. What if you can have the best of both worlds? 

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German engineered.
Canadian built.

The original CYBERDROP was designed and built by Jeremiah Brown in Peterborough, Canada. Half German, half Canadian, he hopes the best of his heritage has found its way into this design.

Jeremiah is an Olympic silver medalist in rowing from the 2012 London Olympics, author, and motivational speaker (

In recent years, he's explored the best way to enjoy extended bicycle travel without requiring a warrior mindset. His inspiration comes from a passion for DIY design, EVs, continuous learning, and taking on big goals.

The CYBERDROP is the result of two years of prototyping and experimenting to get it just right.


​Development of the CYBERDROP began in 2022. Manufacturing planning is underway.  Pre-reservations will open when we have a clear view of the delivery dates. If you would like to be kept informed of developments, send an email to

In the United States and Canada, you do not need to register or insure the CYBERDROP. It is a bicycle camper trailer that is not occupied by people during travel, thus falling under the category of bicycle trailers.

The CYBERDROP is intended to be motor assisted. Pedalling without the electric motor supporting you will be very difficult, but not impossible. 

The motor takes the weight of the CYBERDROP and allows you to ride your bike like normal.

Using the quick release shaft collar clamps, all four stabilizer legs can be quickly lowered and secured with stainless steel pins. A small bottle jack allows you to quickly level the CYBERDROP. A neoprene gasket blocks any critters from getting inside around the stabilizer leg cabin entry point while the legs are down. 

Note: The stabilizer legs must be in position properly before entering the Cyberdrop with all your weight. This is to protect the front fork from excess loading.

The motor controllers can be tuned to your local jurisdiction's EV and ebike laws. Top speed can exceed 40 mph / 65 kmph, but this is only for escaping bears 🙂

Ideal cruising speed is between 15-28 mph / 25 - 45 kmph

No, the SBM solar panels are an optional add-on. They can provide up to 400 watts (nominal) of charge capacity to supplement charging the main battery over night at a standard 110/120v electrical outlet.

A cargo bike like the Bullitt cargo bike by Larry vs Harry is ideal because the front cargo bay allows you to store a larger battery, which gives you greater range. However, any electric bike or even regular bike can be used to tow the CYBERDROP. 

Charging overnight at low electricty cost per kW means that even a very large battery like the 9.5 kW battery described on this web page can be charged for only 30 cents per charge!

90% of the time, yes. At 40 inches / 102 cm wide, the CYBERDROP was designed to fit within bike lane widths. Proof in point, the CYBERDROP was taken over the George Washington Bridge to New York City and travelled up and down Manhattan using the city's bike lane infrastructure.

Keep in touch

Want first dibs when the Cyberdrop becomes available to buy? 

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